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Manaslu Circuit Trek in March

27th Jan, 2024
Manaslu Circuit Trek in March

The Manaslu Circuit Trek is a popular trekking route in Nepal that circles the Manaslu massif (8163m), the eighth-highest mountain in the world. March is a good time to undertake this Manaslu Circuit trek, but there are some important considerations you should keep in mind because the March month is falls after the winter season and it will  left some snow over the Larke top (5106m). 

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The Manaslu Circuit Trekking route is naturally challenging due to its narrow and high-altitude terrain, especially when crossing the adventurous Larke Pass (5106 m). Therefore, it is essential to choose the best time for the Manaslu Circuit Trek.

Spring and autumn seasons are considered the best trekking Season in Nepal, and the same holds true for the Manaslu Circuit trek. Among the months within these seasons, we highly recommend undertaking the Manaslu Circuit trek in March, provided you have an experienced guide and proper preparation. 

Highlights of Manaslu Circuit Trek in March

Spring Blooms: March marks the beginning of spring in Nepal, and the trail comes alive with vibrant colors as flowers start to bloom. The rhododendron forests, in particular, add a spectacular touch to the landscape.

Moderate Weather: While higher elevations can still be cold, the temperatures are generally moderate during the day, making it best time for trekking. The skies are often clear, providing breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains.

Larke Pass Crossing: The Larke Pass, standing at 5106 meters, is a challenging yet rewarding part of the trek. In March, the pass is usually accessible, allowing trekkers to conquer this high-altitude adventure with stunning panoramic views.

Cultural Encounters: March is a good time to interact with the local communities along the trail. Villagers are busy with farming activities, and you can experience the authentic culture of the region.

Less Crowded: Compared to the peak trekking season in April and May, March sees fewer trekkers on the Manaslu Circuit trail. This provides a more serene and peaceful trekking experience with less crowded trails and teahouses.

Diverse Landscapes: The trek takes you through a variety of landscapes, from lush green forests to arid high-altitude terrain. March allows you to experience this diversity with changing scenery along the route.

Photography Opportunities: With clear skies and blooming landscapes, March offers fantastic opportunities for photography. Capture the breathtaking scenery, cultural moments, and unique flora and fauna along the Manaslu Circuit Trek.

Difficulties for Manaslu Circuit Trek in March

Temperature Variations: March marks the transition from winter to spring, and temperatures can vary significantly. Higher elevations, including Larke Pass, may still experience cold temperatures, especially at night. Trekkers should be prepared for both chilly and relatively mild conditions.

Snow at Higher Altitudes: Some sections of the trek, particularly at higher altitudes (around the Larke Pass (5106m), might still have snow accumulation in March. This can make certain parts of the trail slippery and challenging. Proper gear, including trekking poles and waterproof boots, is essential.

Possibility of Precipitation: While March generally has stable weather, there is still a possibility of occasional rainfall or snowfall, particularly at higher elevations. Trekkers should be prepared for wet conditions and potential changes in the weather.

Limited Teahouse Facilities: In comparison to the peak trekking season in April and May, March sees fewer trekkers, and some teahouses along the trail might have limited facilities or be closed. It's essential to plan accommodation in advance and be prepared for potential shortages of certain amenities.

Challenging Larke Pass Crossing: Larke Pass is a high-altitude pass at 5106 meters, and even in March, it can be a challenging crossing. The trail might be icy or snowy, and trekkers should exercise caution and use appropriate equipment.

Altitude-Related Risks: While Manaslu Circuit Trek does not reach extreme altitudes, there is still a risk of altitude sickness. Trekkers should acclimatize properly, stay hydrated, and be aware of symptoms of altitude-related illnesses.

Limited Transportation Options: The road infrastructure in the Manaslu region may still be recovering from winter conditions in March. This could result in limited transportation options to and from the trailhead, potentially causing delays.

Weather and temperature conditions in March for Manaslu Circuit Trek 

March marks the beginning of the spring season in Nepal. It is also known as the month when the weather transitions from winter to spring. During this period, the weather conditions become relatively stable, and the skies are often clear. However, there may be occasional rainfall or snowfall at higher altitudes.

Therefore, March is considered the perfect month for the Manaslu Circuit Trek. Nevertheless, it is crucial to trek with experienced guide and carry appropriate clothing and equipment to ensure a safe and comfortable trip

At the beginning of March, temperatures can still be cold at higher elevations, ranging from 5 to 15 degrees Celsius during the daytime and dropping to -5 degrees Celsius at night. In lower elevations, daytime temperatures can vary between 10 and 20 degrees Celsius, with a significant drop in nighttime temperatures. Occasionally, temperatures may change due to weather conditions, particularly at higher altitudes. As you ascend, temperatures will gradually decrease.

Choose the Reputable Trekking Agency for Manaslu Circuit Trek in March 

Before making a decision about the Manaslu Circuit Trek in March, it is necessary to choose a reputable and reliable trekking agency. You can contact several trekking agencies, ask detailed questions, and compare their offerings. However, High Pass Adventure Treks is recognized as a reputable and top-tier trekking organizer for the Manaslu Circuit Trek in March. After selecting the best trekking agency, you can obtain accurate information about the trekking route, tailored to your preferences, budget, and safety considerations. High Pass Adventure Treks has experienced trekking staff to ensure your trip is memorable and enjoyable

Trekking equipment for Manaslu Circuit Trek in March


  • Lightweight and moisture-wicking base layers
  • Insulating layers (fleece or down jacket)
  • Waterproof and windproof jacket and pants
  • Trekking pants and shorts
  • Long-sleeved shirts and T-shirts
  • Thermal underwear for colder nights
  • Waterproof and insulated gloves
  • Warm hat and sun hat
  • Sunglasses with UV protection


  • Sturdy and waterproof trekking boots with ankle support
  • Comfortable and moisture-wicking socks (multiple pairs)
  • Gaiters to keep snow and debris out of your boots


  • A comfortable and durable backpack with good support
  • Rains cover or pack liner to keep your gear dry

Sleeping Gear:

  • Warm sleeping bag suitable for cold temperatures
  • Sleeping pad for insulation and comfort


  • With extra batteries for early morning or late-night walks
  • Water Purification:
  • Water purification tablets or a water filter to ensure safe drinking water

First Aid Kit:

  • Basic first aid supplies, including blister treatment, pain relievers, and any personal medications

Personal Hygiene Items:

  • Wet wipes, hand sanitizer, toothbrush, toothpaste, etc.


  • Map and compass or a reliable GPS device

Sun Protection:

  • High SPF sunscreen and lip balm
  • Sunscreen for your face and body


  • High-energy snacks like trail mix, energy bars, and chocolates


  • If you enjoy photography, a good camera to capture the stunning landscapes


  • Passport, permits, and any required travel documents


  • Lightweight and quick-drying towel
  • Duct tape or repair kit for gear
  • Power bank for charging electronic devices

Trekking Poles:

  • Adjustable trekking poles for stability and support, especially during descents

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