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Why hire a guide for your Trekking and Tour in Nepal?

28th Feb, 2018
Why hire a guide for your Trekking and Tour in Nepal?

Peoples are doing travel for spend important holiday and to find out best experience in the world. There are many things to do during the trekking and travel period in Nepal. If you are doing solo travel or Trekking in Nepal there are lots of problems that you may appearance during trek and tour if you are doing for a solo trek

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Problems that you may appearance while solo trekking.

  • If you go trekking alone in a new place you may appearance a problem of security. For example, you get a outsider or the risk of theft and robbery happen.
  • Find a best and safe accommodation is also another troubles of solo trekkers
  • You will meet new people with new culture in the new place. These kinds of things may be hampering your comfort area.
  • Alone-ness is the main reason that of the solo travelers faces. You may be home sick.
  • Find the easy trekking route to the target may be difficult.
  • Language is difficult with people who don’t know your language.

Why hire a guide for solo trekking??

You will never feeling alone. And also will support the local economy of that place.
Hire a guide will keep out of your trouble, your bags will be carried by porter and you don’t have to problem about anything.
You will find new people in the new places with new language, your guide speak English or your language to communicate with new people and easy to know their culture.
Your guide can find easy trekking trail to your destination. You can make your trek in on time.
You may be unknown about animals and plants, your guide explain about everything.

Benefits to hire a guide for your Trekking in Nepal

Nepal is a breathtaking country with diverse landscapes and rich cultural heritage, and hiring a guide for trekking and tours there offers several specific advantages:

Navigational Expertise: Some trekking routes in Nepal’s are challenging to navigate due to diverse terrains and changing weather conditions. Guides are well-versed in these trails, ensuring a safe and smooth journey.

Cultural Insights: Nepal has a diverse cultural textile with various ethnic groups, traditions, and practices. Guides offer deep insights into local cultures, adding depth and understanding to your experience.

Safety and Emergency awareness: Guides in Nepal are trained in first aid, altitude sickness management, and rescue procedures. Their expertise helps moderate risks associated with high-altitude trekking.

Permit and Logistics Handling: Nepal requires permits for many trekking regions. Guides assist in obtaining permits and managing logistical aspects, such as accommodations and transportation.

Environmental Awareness: Nepal's natural beauty is delicate, and guides often emphasize responsible trekking practices, educating trekkers on preserving the environment.

Language and Communication: Many Nepali people in remote regions might not speak English fluently. Guides serve as interpreters, bridging the language barrier and facilitating communication with locals.

Local Connections: Experienced guides have local networks, enabling access to off-the-beaten-path attractions, home stays, and authentic cultural experiences.

Optimized Experience: Guides know the best vantage points, viewpoints, and lesser-known trails that enrich your trekking experience, ensuring you don't miss out on hidden gems.

In essence, hiring a guide in Nepal not only ensures your safety and comfort but also amplifies the depth and genuineness of your journey, allowing you to immerse yourself fully in the country's natural beauty and cultural richness.

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