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Guide, Porter-Guide and Porter hire

Guide, Porter-Guide and Porter hire


Hiring a Guide, Porter cum Guide and Porter in Nepal 

If you want to do budget treks in Nepal, we highly recommend hiring a guide, Porter, or at least one porter cum Guide for your Trekking in Nepal. There are many trekking agencies and numerous guides and porters, but you should check before choosing the best guide and porter for your important holiday. 

The person who is already known about a place or a thing and shares the information he has about the place or thing with others to improve travel arrangements is a guide. The major qualities of a trekking guide are the study of various subjects as well as effective communication skills, knowledge about many attractions of the places, routes to the destination, friendliness, and good coordination skill. guides visit a single place several times, they are more experienced in handling various scenarios and facing difficult situations that may arise along the way. For example, peculiar social laws that you might not be aware of could have created a problem if you have done anything improper.

A guide can show you places you never knew existed, educate you on things you never knew were possible, and most significantly, he or she can give you a trek of the most amazing places you never dreamed would be so much fun. Detailed information about a place, its nature, culture, people, resources, foods, accommodations, and costs are the benefits that can be obtained from a guide. Additionally, a guide also has a solid relationship with the local people, hotels, and restaurants which makes it easier for them to manage things with them and settle any kinds of disputes that may arise during the trek.

A guide can provide you with more information in an hour than the internet in days. The main roles or the purpose of the trek guides are to ensure that their clients are safe and secure, to give them information about the location, and to direct them in the right direction. Therefore, one should hire a trekking guide during his/her trek mainly to assure safety and the most out of it. Consequently, the importance of a trekking guide is colossal, and hiring a trekking guide for a trip is worth it. Moreover, there are many trekking routes where there are no roads for automobiles to use and we have to carry our stuff.

Porters with a lot of strength and experience are the ones who assist in this case. Porters play a crucial part in ensuring that we reach our destination successfully because they can carry huge loads over challenging terrain without experiencing any difficulty. Locals benefit from being able to combine hands and mouth as a result.

We (High Pass Adventure) always carefully provide you with the best local guides and Porters because It is a region to support their economy and creates jobs for them.  

We arrange Guide or Porter from Kathmandu, Pokhara, or Lukla required from the Customer.

Guide, Porter cum Guide and Porter hire to Annapurna Region 

If you are an independent traveler or planning to travel to Nepal for trekking and doing the budget trek in the Annapurna Region, you can just hire a hired porter, porter cum Guide, or Guide with us.  We provide a professional Trekking guide and strong porter to make your trek successful in Annapurna Region, Langtang Region, and Manaslu region from Kathmandu. 

We highly recommend to you hire a guide or porter because if you are visiting Nepal without Nepali Guide and porter, you can miss the trekking trail in the high Himalayas area and difficult to find the right trekking trail during the trek.  if you hire those people, a porter leads the trekking trails and the guide explains about local culture and nature. It does not only share the cultural experience but also helps you with any emergency problem. So, Nepali people will be taking care of all problems along the trekking.  

Porter Hire from Lukla to Everest Region 

Lukla is the gateway to Everest Region Trekking. Most of the individual trekkers fly to Lukla and want to hire a guide or Porter for the Everest Region Trekking. If you are doing that, that would be cheap but high risk for you.  if you ask to registered trekking agency for hiring a guide or porter, the trekking agency issued the trekking insurance to them and takes all responsibility during your trekking.  All our guides and porters are long years of experience and are strong to carry 25/30 kg in the Himalayan trekking.  

High Pass Adventure always support the local peoples by providing job and easier to organize your trip. It would be a cheaper trek to hire a porter or guide from Lukla to Everest Region. 

The cost details depend on the trekking season and trekking routes. 
Here are the Cost Details of hiring the Guide, Porter Guide And Porter

Guide:             Per day $ USD 30

Porter cum Guide: Per Day $ USD 25

Porter:           Per Day $ USD 20

These costs are direct pay to Guide for his dally salary, trekking insurance, accommodations, transport, etc. 

Is Mandatory to Hire a Guide for Trekking in Nepal? 

 If you are planning to visit Nepal for trekking, it is mandatory to hire a guide for trekking in Nepal to successfully complete the trip. Safety will be the most important thing when you are doing solo trekking in Nepal because of the unfamiliarity of routes, natural disaster accidents and high altitude sickness.   The trekking routes are in remote Himalaya’s area, so you have to need help to relieve yourself when injured in the high elevation where there is no human living.  That’s why our government made a rule to compulsory hire a guide in some trekking routes for trekker’s safety.

Hiring guide is also arranging transport, food, accommodation and other basic requirements for the trek. The guide can provide you with more information about the nature and culture of the route as well as help to interact with local communities despite the communication problem. So, it is mandatory to hire a guide for Trekking in Nepal to make your trip easy, safe, memorable and flexible. 

Why Hire a Guide for Trekking in Nepal?

It means a lot to trekking in Nepal with our Guide because of our many years of experience guiding for trekking in Nepal. Our Guides bring friendship, fun, convenience, adventure, and, most importantly, safety. Our commitment to making sure your vacation is well-organized and planned will ensure the most beautiful trip of your lifetime. Our guides have extensive training in the field of trekking and broad understanding of first aid items. Also, our Trekking guides have all natives of the region. As a result, our knowledgeable and experienced trekking guide will accompany you from airport to airport while leading your hike in Nepal.  

Why hire a Guide and Porter with us for Nepal Trekking? 

Choosing High Pass Adventure Trekking agency to hire a guide and porter for your Nepal Himalayan trekking experience ensures a memorable and fulfilling adventure with expert guidance, personalized service, and a focus on safety and sustainability. 

Professional Guidance: High Pass Adventure treks will provide experienced guides and staff who are knowledgeable about the region, its culture, and the trekking routes. This expertise will enhance the overall experience, providing valuable insights and ensuring safety throughout the journey.

Comfort and Convenience: Our porters will carry your heavy backpack, leaving you free to enjoy the trek without the burden of a heavy load.

Safety Measures: High Pass Adventure likely prioritizes safety, providing proper equipment, trained guides, strong porter and emergency protocols to ensure trekkers' well-being during the challenging trek.

Eco-friendly Practices: High Pass Adventure will focus on eco-friendly practices to minimize the impact on the environment. This is including waste management, responsible camping, and supporting local conservation efforts.

Quality Services: High Pass Adventure offer quality services, including comfortable accommodations, nutritious meals, and reliable transportation arrangements, ensuring trekkers to focus on enjoying the journey without worrying about logistical challenges.

Positive Reviews and Reputation: Positive reviews and a good reputation in the trekking community is indicating that High Pass Adventure has consistently delivered memorable experiences for its clients, making it a reliable choice for the Trekking in Nepal to all clients.

Supporting Local Communities: Trekking with High Pass Adventure will involve initiatives to support local communities along the route, such as staying in locally owned teahouses, hiring local guides and porters, and contributing to community development projects.


To hire an experienced trekking guide, first look for reputable trekking agencies in Nepal. High Pass Adventure is one option. Check online reviews and testimonials on platforms like TripAdvisor and inquire about their guides. Reputable trekking agencies provide the best guides for your trekking in the Nepal Himalayas. Hiring a trekking guide in Nepal can greatly enhance your experience by providing local expertise, ensuring your safety, helping you navigate the trails, and arranging transport and logistics.

A guide is mandatory for some trekking routes like Kanchenjunga, Manaslu, Nar-Phu, Upper Mustang, Upper Dolpo, and Limi Valley, but for most other places in Nepal, a guide is not required. However, if you are planning to trek in the Nepal Himalayas, hiring a guide is highly recommended to enhance your trekking experience and ensure you complete the trek without any problems.

A guide in Nepal is a professional who leads and assists trekkers and climbers on their journeys through the diverse and often challenging terrains of the Nepalese Himalayas. Guides play a major role in ensuring the safety, success, and enjoyment of treks and climbs. They provide invaluable support and insights, making trekking hassle-free and enjoyable for both novice and experienced trekkers.

Your guide will be experienced in trekking and able to communicate effectively in English, explaining the cultural and natural aspects of the trek. High Pass Adventure provides knowledgeable and experienced guides for your trekking adventure in Nepal. The right guide is essential for a safe, enjoyable, and memorable experience.

The salary of a trekking guide in Nepal varies depending on several factors, such as the guide's experience, the trekking agency, the difficulty and duration of the trek, and the season. Generally, a guide's salary ranges between USD 25 to 40 per day. This cost typically includes the guide's food, accommodations, and insurance during the trek. When planning your trek, consider the tips and any additional expenses to ensure a rewarding experience for both you and your guide.

A porter cum guide in Nepal is a flexible trekking support staff member who takes on double roles, assisting trekkers with both carrying loads and providing some guiding services. They offer a budget-friendly option for trekkers who require some guidance but do not need a full-fledged trekking guide.

Porters for trekking in Nepal are essential members of Himalayan treks, as they provide invaluable support by carrying trekkers' gear, equipment, and supplies. They help make trekking in the Himalayas a memorable and enriching experience for all involved, as trekkers are unburdened and free to fully enjoy the journey.

Hiring a porter is not mandatory for trekking in Nepal, but whether you need one depends on several factors, including your physical fitness, the difficulty of the trek, and your personal preferences. Porters are highly recommended, especially on challenging routes or for those with physical limitations. Hiring a porter allows you to be unburdened and free to fully enjoy the journey.

Porters are important for your trekking in the Nepal Himalayas. The payment for porters varies based on factors such as the trekking region, the trekking agency, the difficulty and duration of the trek, and the season. Typically, porters get paid between USD 20 to 25 per day in Nepal.

Tipping guides and porters in Nepal is an expected way to show appreciation for their hard work and assistance during your trek. While tipping is a personal decision, it is a meaningful way to express gratitude for the dedication of your trekking team. Normally, tips for guides range between USD 10 to 20 per day, and for porters, USD 10 to 15 per day. The amount you tip can vary based on several factors, including the difficulty and duration of the trek, the quality of service, and your budget.

Client Reviews

Fernanda Rejend

Fernanda Rejend


Excellent Three High Passes Trek with High Pass Adventure

13th June, 2023

Thank you High Pass Adventure for my adventure Everest Three High Passes Trek. I did 20 days Kongma-la +Everest Base Camp + Cho-la Pass + Renjo-la Pass trek. Purna welcomed me on my arrival in Kathmandu and did help everything he could to us get ready for my adventure trek. This trekking was amazing, I am so happy to did that treks. My guide was Gobhinda made to get safely to Everest Base Camp and other Three High Passes, so I am very safe and happy at all the time during the trekking. High Pass Adventure were recommended to me by a friend and I would happily recommend to other my friends who thinking about trekking in Nepal.

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