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Trekking Season | Best Time to Trek in Nepal

Best time to Trek in Nepal is depending on the preferences and character of the traveler, one can classify the ideal season so all the seasons are pleasant and have their own special characteristics. From the extreme Rocky Mountains to the plain Terai, Nepal experiences a variety of climatic conditions, due to which it is necessary to select the prime time to travel in Nepal to avoid having your vacation ruined by inclement weather. Despite the fact that Summer and Winter have their own uniqueness and magnificence, either Autumn or Spring is regarded as the best time to travel to Nepal i.e. either September through November or March through May are the chief months to go to Nepal. With barely any clouds or few white clouds in the sky, autumn and spring provide the best visibility in Nepal therefore they are looked upon as the best time to go Nepal Trekking.  

Though it hardly rains, Autumn is the season when the environment is clean, the weather is clear and the air is fresh as the wet Summer has just ended and the environment is now covered in greenery. Starting from hot summer to ending to the cold winter, autumn has an ideal temperature; neither too hot nor too cold. Clear sky, fresh air, and spotless green landscapes are the salient features of autumn. Due to the fact that blooming and greenery starts to blow gradually in spring, different varieties of flora such as rhododendron can be very closely observed during spring, and the sky is clear giving the best visibility. Climbing is a well-known pastime during spring. Yellow-green forests with numerous floras, chilly joyous air, and the beauty of nature make spring special. Almost all forms of travel, trekking, tours, and adventure are possible during these seasons.  

Though summer and winter might not be a good solution for normal trekkers, they are extremely special to the individuals who wish to study nature closer and engage in more unique sports, such as biking in windy conditions. Heavy rain in summer, May affect several trekking areas however there are many trekking routes where not only flight is a solution to reach and where there rains rarely; Upper Mustang and  Upper Dolpo Treks are the best time for summer. It is most suitable for exploring nature and doing research on it. The lust forests, enormous rivers, and lakes, and activities of wild animals and birds are the most lovable things in summer. Winter is the season to see the actual beauty of the mountains, as it snows extensively in high locations, enhancing the splendor of the mountains. The winter is alluring for mountain lovers. Everest Base Camp Trek, Ghorepani Poonhill Trek, Langtang Valley Trek, and Mardi Himal Trek are the popular trekking destinations during winter in Nepal which make the Christmas and new-year more special. The beautiful snow-capped mountains, white environment, freezing cold in the mountainous regions, and the call of windy nature all combine to make winter in Nepal a jubilant season.  

Spring (March- May)

Spring season is the best season for the trekking in Nepal Himalayas. This season is moderate temperature, neither too hot nor too cold. In this season new buds grow from the all plants and flowers blooms. The hilly region has many green forests with beautiful flowers, mainly Rhododendrons, which is our national flower of Nepal. This season is second best and busy season for trekking in Nepal. This season offer positive climate temperature conditions for all area in Nepal to do trek. Its mean spring season is the best time to visit in Nepal for your travel.

Summer/ monsoon (June- August)

Summer season is known as monsoon season in Nepal. It is hottest time in Nepal. Sky will be clear but commonly raining almost every day. All the farmers will be happy and excited in this season for plant many crops in the fields. This time also small landslide due to heavy rainfall so trekking trail will be slippery and closed. Light link, thunderstorms and hail stones are common in this season.  Leeches will be seen on the humid are on the trekking trail. That is why this season is not good time for Trekking in Nepal.

Autumn (September- November)

Autumn season is another best and popular season for trekking in Nepal. Who want to visit Nepal for trekking, we highly recommend this season. This season is perfect weather with clear sky, sunshine, warm days and cool nights. Snow-capped Mountain will be seen golden color in sunrise and sunset time due to clear sky. That is why this season is best time to visit in Nepal for trekking.

Winter (December- February) 

Winter season is the coldest season of the year in Nepal. On the Himalayas reason snowfalls commonly and low area is also cold. Many place cover from thick clouds and fogs.  Some place you can visit in Nepal for trekking. Some day sky will be clear and mountains views are amazing due to the snow on the every mountain. This season is moderate season for the visit in Nepal.

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