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Trekking in Nepal

Trekking in Nepal is a naturally gifted, wonderfully gorgeous nation situated in Southeast Asia between China and India. Mainly famous for containing the eight out of ten highest peaks of the world, including the highest peak Mt. Everest (8848.88m), Nepal is not only naturally gifted but has a lot of cultural, historical, and religious significance. Though it may not be advanced in science and technology, Nepal is ahead of many nations in terms of social security, kindness, and religious tolerance. Though it is rich in many natural resources and has a lot of historical significance and cultural and religious beauty, many tourists while departing from Nepal when asked about the thing they loved the most in Nepal answered “the people”. So, needless to say, Nepal is a safe destination to plan your vacations. If you’re questioning about a fantastic trekking experience one can have, Nepal not only leaves a clue but it gives the whole answer. One of the best destinations to go for trekking and getting ample experience of natural beauty and the significance of cultural heritage, most travelers visit Nepal repeatedly to cherish the amazing spirit of adventure. 

Trekking is not only walking from one distance to another but a measured way of experiencing geographical, cultural, religious, and natural variety. Trekking areas in Nepal frequently pass through rural Nepal villages, beautiful rhododendron, pine, oak hemlock, and fir forests with incredible mountains, landscapes, and panoramic views of Himalayan ranges. If you are looking for Trekking in Nepal, High Pass Adventure Pvt. Ltd. is one of the best trekking operators and arranges many types of popular treks as per the customer's demand like Tea-house Trek, Camping Trek, Private Trek, Group joining Trek, Family Trek, Student group Trek and many more. We pledge to create an enduring and unforgettable lifetime experience from your journey. Our trained trekking guides accompany you along the trails while introducing you to local people their culture, religion and lifestyle, and the beauty of nature.

Popular Trekking Region in Nepal 

Everest Region Trekking

Situated in the north eastern part of Nepal, Everest Region also known as the Khumbu region is one of the most adventurous areas in the world. Mount Everest is the world's highest mountain (8848 m). During the Everest Region Trekking, you’ll not only get to enjoy the breathtaking view of the highest peak in the world

Annapurna Region Trekking

Annapurna Region Trekking trail is recognized as the secondary trekking destination in Nepal with multiple peaks exceeding 7,000 m including the 10th highest mountain in the world, Annapurna I (8091 m). Annapurna Region is considered the best mountain region in Nepal, 

Langtang Region Trekking

Langtang Region is a well-known trekking destination along with Annapurna and Everest and is considered Nepal’s best-kept secret. Langtang region, the nearest trekking destination from Kathmandu valley, is located just the north side of Kathmandu valley with towering peaks on either side of the valley and 

Wilderness Trekking

The western and eastern borders to the north of Nepal are highly preserved region and were only opened for trekking since early 90s. The western border lies in the rain shadow area behind the Himalayan chain and are usually arid, dry

Short and Easy Trekking

High Pass Adventure trekking agency creates your plan for short and easy trekking and hiking in Nepal, if you do not have enough time, you don’t have trekked before, and are not fit for adventures trekking in the Himalayas.

High Pass Trek

High pass trekking is challenging trekking that is best suited for those people who admire demanding adventures and challenging treks in the Himalayas, hiking at high altitudes, walking in Himalayan glaciers, and crossing Ice passes along the high mountains. 

Day Hiking in Nepal

Day Hiking is an important option for those people who have limited time and want to explore the natural beauty of Nepal. If you are looking for day hiking in Nepal, you have many choices of day hiking routes in Nepal around Kathmandu and Pokhara city.

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